Update - 0.3.0

What's new in 0.3.0?

*New Content:

=> Level 3: Gloria

  -Set up the targets

  -Set up the clothing destruction particles

  -Set up the level (camera)

  -Implementation of the background music

*Gameplay improvement:

=> Added the possibility to play with the mouse

*Visual improvements

  =>Enemies' bullets

  =>Visual effects when destroying clothes

*Audio improvement

 => Better overall volume: one music is not louder than another one anymore

 => Added sounds when destroying a part of clothes

*Fixed bugs:

 => Pause menu

 => Screen Overlay

 => Enemies not appearing

 => Cursor display bug

 => Particles color bug

What's planned next?

*New enemies and new type of weapons for player

*Collectibles and unlockables

*5 more girls at least


RomanticShooter 0.3.0 - Windows 32 136 MB
Jan 29, 2023
RomanticShooter 0.3.0 - Windows 64 139 MB
Jan 29, 2023

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